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S.W.A.T. Team

The Software and Technology (SWAT) Team is a special group, of no more than 10 students, invited by the Department faculty to participate in a special independent study course. Students are selected for participation on this team based on overall grade point average, CIS course grades, academic aptitude, and positive attitude. 

The course provides the team members with opportunities to get specialized instruction in preparation for competing at the AITP Regional and National Collegiate Conferences. It provides opportunities for interactions with IT professionals, department advisory board members, and prospective employers. 
A requirement of the class is the development of a software project where each student team is assigned a professional member from the advisory board to work with them as their mentor. The final software project reviews are presented in front of CIS faculty, advisory board members, and prospective employers and followed by a luncheon.
Since the introduction of the SWAT Team, there has been an increase in the number and level of competition wins and overall student success. CIS Majors that have been affiliated with the SWAT team have been the most successful upon graduation.

SWAT Team Fall 2013-Spring 2014