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Closed Class Request

For business classes other than CIS or QMST, please contact the respective department. This request is for CIS/QMST courses ONLY.
Please note the following conditions regarding a request to the CIS/QMST Department for admission into a CIS/QMST course that is already full:
·         We will not grant overrides over the telephone. You may either submit your request via the Web or come by McCoy 404.
·         Faculty members in the Department of CIS & QMST do not make decisions regarding closed classes.
·         We do not grant overrides due to conflicts in employment schedules.
·         If there are seats left in other sections, please find another option to rearrange your schedule as we will not grant overrides into closed sections when others are open.
 Due to classroom size constraints, ONLY graduating seniors may request a closed class override into the following courses:
Seniors who will be graduating in the registration semester will be given priority for closed class overrides.
CIS 3380
CIS 3317
For other courses, please check the schedule of classes often as other students may be dropping courses and a seat may become available. The above list should not replace the schedule of classes as the authority on seat availability.
NOTE: All requests for a closed course override will result in a student’s degree audit being reviewed. If alternative options are available your request will be denied.