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Course Substitution Request

If a course from another college or university did not come in as a direct transfer, a student may request the course to be evaluated, and if applicable substituted, for a course offered by the CIS/QM department. Transfer of credit from another institution to Texas State involves consideration of accreditation, comparability of course work, and applicability of that course work to a Texas State degree program. If it is determined that the course covered the same material as our course, the student is permitted to use the course as a substitution for our course. However, their transcript will never be changed to reflect that fact. In cases such as this, the student must request a special class “override” any time that course is a prerequisite for another course. The McCoy College advising center can do the overrides.
In order to have a course evaluated, the student will need to fill out a “Request for Course Substitution Form”. Along with the completed form, the student must provide proof that the course being evaluated was completed successfully by submitting an unofficial Texas State Transcript.  The student will also need to include a detailed syllabus of the course they took which has a schedule showing what topics were covered each class period. If the syllabus does not have a schedule, the student will need to submit the class notes and textbook from the class in order to be able to evaluate the concepts covered in the course.
Students turn the form and documents into the CIS Department Office MCOY 404. The evaluation generally takes from 2-4 working days to be evaluated. You will receive an email as to the results of the evaluation.

Click here to download the Course Substition Request Form