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The objective of the internship program is to make internship opportunities a winning situation for all parties involved: the student, the employer, and the academic institution. The Student should expect an applicable educational experience that enhances their academic qualifications and better prepares them for life after graduation. The Employer should expect the identification of a motivated and qualified intern that meets their hiring needs, with a prospect for full time employment. The Academic Institution should expect that the internship experience meets a specified level of academic achievement as well as that both the student and the employer provide feedback and continued support that allows the institution to continue to increase academic standards and provide internship opportunities for additional students.
Internships for the department of CIS can have several different characteristics:  paid or un-paid; for credit or not for credit; if for credit, what kind of credit. 
Depending on how well an internship meets the specific guidelines, a student can receive:
no course credit
free elective credit
restricted business elective course credit
restricted CIS elective course credit
This designation is determined by the department chair and is defined by the tasks performed as specified by the employer, the appropriateness of the experience to the student’s academic major in Computer Information Systems, and the degree to which they meet the specified guidelines as determined by the CIS Department Internship Coordinator.   
Internship opportunities are available through regular job and internship fairs held on campus, through departmental contacts, and extracurricular activities.
For more information about internships, how to get an internship, or how to apply for credit for an internship please follow the following links or contact Dr. Ju Long, the CIS Department Internship Coordinator at, or call at 512-245-3231.