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Class Override Requests

For any classes other than CIS or QMST, please contact the respective department. This request is for CIS&QM courses ONLY.
Please note the following conditions regarding a request for admission into a CIS & QMST course that is already full, or for which you are receiving an error message when you attempt to register:
  • We will not grant overrides over the telephone. You must submit your request via the Web using the link to the form below, or you may stop by the office in McCoy 404 and submit your request in person. Overrides are not granted immediately. There is a 4-5 business day wait period during the busiest part of the semester.

  • Faculty members in the Department of CIS & QMST do not make decisions regarding closed classes. They may grant permission for your to join their class, but the ultimate decision lies with the department chair. Prerequisites, grades, and major all factor into granting an override.

  • We do not grant overrides because students have conflicts in employment schedules or if they don't like the commute. Make sure you register for classes at the correct campus and that fit into your work schedule.

  • We absolutely WILL NOT grant overrides into closed sections when other sections of the same class are still open.

Due to classroom size constraints, ONLY graduating seniors may request a closed class override into the following courses:
  • CIS 3380
  • CIS 3317
If a class is full, check CATSWEB often as people are rearranging schedules and dropping and adding courses. Closer to the beginning of the semester, students will be dropped for non-payment and some  classes may become available at that time.
NOTE: All requests for course overrides will result in a student’s degree audit. If alternative options are available your request will be denied.