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Class Override Requests

For any classes other than CIS or QMST, please contact the respective department. This request is for CIS&QM courses ONLY.

The Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods does not give closed class overrides except to graduating seniors or under extenuating circumstances.

If you receive a TIME error or a PREREQ error, please contact the Century Link Advising Center. We cannot grant overrides for these types of requests.

NSO students should have this form completed by the Business Advising Center.


* We do not alert students when seats open due to drops.

* Please note: Faculty do not make decisions regarding registration.


To get into a closed class: check frequently for open seats in your desired class. This means checking several times a day throughout the registration period, as we do not know when a student may drop and open up a seat.

There are certain dates during the registration period that you will most likely find open seats:

  •  Once grades post for a semester, students who do not meet the prerequisite requirement to stay enrolled in a course, will be dropped. Students can check due dates for grades each semester on the academic calendars found HERE.

  • The payment deadlines for each semester are set by Student Business Services and are available on their website HERE. Students who do not pay their tuition bill or enroll in a payment plan by 6 PM will be automatically dropped from all classes. This may free up some seats in various courses.