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Software Download

Software Downloads:  

Welcome to the Software download center! If you are a CIS major, then you can download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers and platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long as you are an eligible user in the System.

Download Instructions

NOTE: Students are requested to download the software in CIS labs (McCOY 332/334/336) and burn it on a CD/DVD, to avoid any downloading problems which may occur elsewhere.

NOTE: Windows Vista (in DVD format) is now available to registered CIS majors enrolled in courses that use this operating system. Please note that this is a very large download (approximately 3 GB). Be prepared to wait for atleast 30 minutes to download and unpack Windows Vista.

Note: By clicking on the link ,you will be leaving Texas State website


Who are eligible to Download?

Only those CIS majors, who are enrolled in CIS courses that use the Microsoft products provided by E-Academy MSDNAA, are eligible to download. Please read the INSTRUCTIONS before you start downloading the software.

How does it work ?

CIS department is licensed under the MSDN Academic Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty members to access software available under the program. e-academy Inc., a partner of Microsoft, is providing ELMS for MSDNAA to you. Simply log into the System using your username and password mailed to your Texas State account and start browsing/ordering the software available to you. Your MSDNAA Online Software System can be found HERE

If you forgot your password or if you did not receive an email about your account, please email Ms. Jennifer Krou at

Once you receive your account details, please store the e-mail for future reference. You will need your username and password in order to access the online software system.

General Infromation & Technical support:

If you have general questions about the MSDNAA Program, who is eligible, general rules and regulations, etc., or if you have any technical difficulties while downloading the software, please contact Ms. Jennifer Krou at McCOY Hall 308 or email

Please remember that by accessing the Microsoft software through this system you are stating that you are authorized, and are agreeing to comply with all usage guidelines.