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CIS Certificate Program

Program Description

The Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods offers an intensive program leading to a Certificate in Computer Information Systems (CIS). The program is directed at degree seeking students who wish to gain information technology (IT) exposure without having to pursue a full degree program in computer information systems. The primary objective of the program is to offer an option to non-IT professionals and non-CIS majors to develop an initial expertise in the use of information technology in the development of computer-based business information systems. The program should be of interest to students who wish to consider the use of information technology in the development of information systems in their own professional disciplines.  The Certificate in CIS program is offered only in traditional classroom format at the Texas State University - San Marcos. Courses for this program will be offered in the daytime.


Program Objectives

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) certificate program focuses on a wide range of IT skills as well as knowledge of computer-based systems design issues that are essential to anyone engaging in the design and implementation of IT solution. The IT skills include: introductory and advanced computer programming, systems analysis and design, database design and implementation, and working knowledge of IT tools to design, develop, and implement e-Business applications.

The primary objectives of the certificate program are:

  1. To provide students with an opportunity to acquire a strong background in programming skills in information technology, understanding of the concepts and issues pertaining to systems & database design as well as implementation of a variety of IT systems. More specifically, these skills include:
    • Identification of issues and strategies for designing and implementing computer-based information systems in a variety of computing and business environments, including e-Business, Internet, and intranets.
    • A thorough working knowledge of at least one modern computer programming language, including VB.NET and JAVA.
    • Working knowledge of at least one modern database management system, such as SQL.SERVER, DB2, or ORACLE.
    • Knowledge of systems analysis and design principles;
    • Knowledge of key issues in the design, development, and deployment of e-Business applications.
  2. To provide non-CIS majors seeking information technology skills an opportunity to acquire the basic IT foundation so that they may compete for entry-level positions in information technology.


CIS Certificate Undergraduate Program

Information Contact

     Dr. Ricki Ingalls, Ph.D
     Chair, Department of CIS and QM
     McCoy College of Business Administration
     Texas State University
     San Marcos, Texas   78666
 Phone:  512-245-2291