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This page contains a list of resources that help explain and promote Computer Information Systems and the program at Texas State University. 

The department also offers three wonderful posters, displayed below, to help encourage students to consider and pursue a degree in Computer Information Systems.  If you are a High School teacher counselor and want a physical copy of the posters please contact the CIS Department at and we will mail you the poster(s) you desire for free.  They can also be individual downloaded.

At the bottom of the page is a list of short articles that are great tools for counselors and teachers to educate students about what Computer Information Systems is all about and the many opportunities it presents, as well some general educational guidelines such as the difference between the types of technology degrees, and different types of academic choices.


The CIS poster series is designed to grab students' attention and get them to ask questions about the possibilities about a degree in CIS and a career in technology.   Full size copies of each poster are available upon request, free of charge for educators.  Simply conntact the Department Chair.
build.jpg Tech.jpg
CIS Tech Guru Build your Future
This poster, with the star morphing into a data stream of 1’s and 0’s brings bold attention to the CIS focal point. It is the first of the 3 poster set.
This poster uses a flow chart model different career options that a CIS degree prepares students for. This poster identifies the variety of activities, courses, events that a student in the CIS program at Texas State University will be exposed to and have the opportunity to get involved in.
Click here to download this poster Click here to download this poster Click here to download this poster


 These articles are free for you to share with students and other interested parties.

After High School

After High School? This article discusses the various educational choices that high school graduate must consider. 2 year degrees versus 4 year degrees as well as certifications.
What is CIS What is CIS? This article focuses on what the CIS degree is about and the various job opportunities it prepares students for.
CIS at Texas State CIS at Texas State This article explains what the CIS degree at Texas State University offers students. It includes descriptions of the academic and the extracurricular opportunities that work together to set the program apart from all others.
Extra Curricular Activities Extra Curricular Activities    This articles talk about the importance of getting involved in extracurricular activities. It discusses the different types and the impact that getting involved can have on the success job search.
Technology Degrees Technology Degrees   this article describes the different types of technical degrees that exist including electrical engineers, computer science, computer information systems, and others.
Internships Internships   This articles talk about the importance of getting involved in internships. It discusses the different types and the impact that having an internship can have on the success job search.