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Prospective Students

Students interested in a major in Computer Information Systems (CIS) are interested in business and/or computers and solving problems. A major in CIS includes both business courses and technology courses. CIS at Texas State prepares students for a wide range of job opportunities. These include:

Application Developer
Business Analyst
Database Administrator
Mobile Developer
Network Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Security Analyst
Software Developer
Systems Analyst
Systems Programmer
Web Developer
Demand for these positions has never been higher. You can find out more about the job opportunities by visiting Career Opportunities.
Successful students in CIS are curious, like to solve problems, want to do more than just program, like to interact with people, and like to work with computers. 
Unlike Computer Science, which is much more mathematical and focuses on programming algorithms, CIS is less math intensive and focuses on the design of systems and solving business problems.
The CIS&QMST Department at Texas State offers a wide variety of opportunities for students interested in a career in technology.



If you have more questions about CIS please check out our frequently asked questions.

Applying to the CIS program