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Class Override Requests

For any classes other than CIS or QMST, please contact the respective department. This request is for CIS&QM courses ONLY.

The Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods does not give closed class overrides except to graduating seniors or under extenuating circumstances.

If you receive a TIME error or a PREREQ error, please contact the Business Advising Center. We cannot grant overrides for these types of requests.

NSO students should have this form completed by the Business Advising Center.


* We do not alert students when seats open due to drops.

* Please note: Faculty do not make decisions regarding registration.


To get into a closed class: check frequently for open seats in your desired class. This means checking several times a day throughout the registration period, as we do not know when a student may drop and open up a seat.

There are certain dates during the registration period that you will most likely find open seats:

  •  Once grades post for a semester, students who do not meet the prerequisite requirement to stay enrolled in a course will be dropped. Students can check due dates for grades each semester on the link to the Academic Calendar..

  • The payment deadlines for each semester are set by Student Business Services and are available on the Student Business Services Website.. Students who do not pay their tuition bill or enroll in a payment plan by 6 PM will be automatically dropped from all classes. This may free up some seats in various courses.