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MSAIT Internships/ Job Opportunities

Internships provide students' with the opportunity to apply analytical thinking skills and theory to solve practical real world problems .

Top Employers

Company Logos: EY, GM, HEB, Home Depot, USAA, Dell, CGI, Accenture, IBM, McCoy's Building Supply, Charles Schwab, ExxonMobil.
Photo of Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson, MSAIT Graduate Fall 2018

My internship was with Frost Bank in San Antonio, where I analyzed key performance metrics to inform business leaders of their progress towards their business goals. I was able to develop and refine soft skills learned in business consulting and use ERP knowledge of business intelligence tools to aid my department to analyze large amounts of data quickly.

Jill Jackson

Photo of Claudia Morquecho

Claudia Morquecho, MSAIT Graduate Student

My internship is with Rush Enterprises, a company that owns the largest network of commercial vehicle dealerships in the U. S.  I work in the corporate information technology sector within the SAP department.  I help coordinate new testing changes in the SAP system between the offshore testing team and the onsite business analysts.  I also perform configuration changes for operations in the SAP system.

Claudia Morquecho

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BBA Internships

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MSDAIS Internships