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MSAIT Curriculum

The Master of Science in Accounting and Information Technology (MSAIT) degree develops interdisciplinary competencies needed to respond to the evolving demands being placed on accountants and information technology professionals in modern organizations. A comprehensive examination at the end of the program is required for completion of the program. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than business or from a non-AACSB accredited university may be required to complete additional background course work.  Applicants to the MSAIT program who hold an undergraduate degree from an AACSB accredited university will require 36 hours of course credit to complete the program.

Background Courses

Background courses provide a base of knowledge for advanced business and accounting studies.  Background courses may be waived for students who have successfully completed or achieved a grade of  "B" or higher on previous course work addressing current developments in the content area.  The background requirement consist of the following courses:

  • ACC 2361 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ACC 3313 Intermediate Accounting
  • QMST 2333 Business Statistics

Course Requirements

Required Courses

  • ACC 5361 Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making
  • ACC 5375  Business Information Consulting
  • BA   5352 Developing the Financial Perspective of the Firm
  • CIS  5371 Accounting Information Systems and Controls
  • CIS  5355 Database Management Systems
  • CIS  5368 Information Security
  • CIS  5358 Agile Project Management for Business Professionals

Additional Elective Courses

Additional elective courses allow for the student to specialize their skills and knowledge for a specific job type or employer.

The ACC, CIS & QMST  department offers the following elective courses:

  • ACC 5352 Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis
  • ACC 5362 Cost and Managerial Accounting Theory
  • ACC 5373 Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • CIS  5395 Internship in Computer Information Systems
  • CIS  5360 E-Commerce: Strategies, Technologies and Applications
  • CIS  5364 Data Warehousing
  • CIS  5370 Enterprise Resource
  • CIS  5378 Information Security Policies and Compliance
  • QMST 5332 Quantitative Methods
  • QMST 5334 Advanced Statistical Methods for Business
  • QMST 5335 Introduction to Forecasting and Simulation

Comprehensive Examination Requirement

All graduate candidates must pass one or more comprehensive examinations.

Additional Information

You can view course descriptions by visiting the Graduate Catalogs.