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MSAIT Degree Plan courses for both campuses

The courses for the MSAIT program are offered in San Marcos and Round Rock. Full-time students taking classes in the evening can complete the degree in two years. Part-time students can complete the degree in three years. Below are sample degree plans for students entering the program in fall semesters.

Full-Time San Marcos Campus

Degree Plan San Marcos; Fall : BA 5352, CIS 5355, QMST 5334; Spring: CIS 5364, CIS 5358, 1 Elective; Fall: ACC 5361, CIS 5371, CIS 5368; Spring ACC 5373, ACC 5375, CIS 5370

Full-Time Round Rock Campus

Full-time Round Rock Campus; Spring: BA 5352, CIS 5355, CIS 5318; Summer: CIS 5364, ACC 5361, QMST 5334; Fall ACC 5352, CIS 5371, CIS 5368; Spring: CIS 5358, ACC 5375, 1 Elective