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MSDAIS Degree Plan

The courses for the MSDAIS program are offered in convenient flexible learning platforms: hybrid classroom and remote learning.  Full-time students can complete the program within 18 months.  Below are sample degree plans for a 18-month and a 12-month completion time frame. 

MSDAIS 18-Month Degree Plan

MSDAIS Degree Plan: Spring: QMST 5334, CIS 5357, QMST 5335; Summer: CIS/QMST 5369, CIS/QMST 5399, CIS/QMST 5395; Fall: CIS5355,QMST 5332, QMST 5336; Spring: CIS5364, CIS 5367, Elective

MSDAIS 12-Month Degree Plan

MSDAIS 18 month Thesis Option: Fall 2019 CIS5355, QMST 5332, QMST 5336, CIS5357;Spring 2020 QMST5334,QMST5335, CIS5364, CIS5367; Summer 2019 CIS/QMST5369, CIS/QMST 5399, CIS/QMST5395, Elective