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Texas State University

Employer Guidelines

Faculty Coordinator Contact Information:

Dr. Marcos Sivitanides
Associate Professor
Phone number: 512-245-3177

Timeline to Post Internships:

Employers are encouraged to post the internships using the following time guideline:

  • Spring Semester: Mid-October

  • Summer Semester: End of March
  • Fall Semester: Mid-April

Types of Internships:

Internship positions may be paid or non-paid, full-time or part-time.

Internship Requirements:

  • The internship must be scheduled for a minimum 8 week/120 job hour requirements in order to receive credit for summer internships or 10 week/150 job hour requirements in order to receive credit for fall or spring internships. These hours should be documented either by a time sheet or weekly log of activities.

  • The internship must use some type of new technology that the interns have not used before. The technology must be of a nature that it adds to the student’s academic and experiential benefits.

  • The internship must encourage the intern to find the solution to a problem, or demonstrate some other means of exhibiting original thinking and problem-solving.

Internship Deliverables and Due Periods

  1. Internship Description: The supervisor is asked to verify and sign the internship description on the first day of the internship. This deliverable should list in detail, the job responsibilities of the internship, the detailed milestones of the internship, and the expected timeline.
  2. Midterm Meeting: The supervisor is asked to be available for a mid-term visit. This meeting may be in person at the job site, or it may be scheduled as a phone meeting with the intern and the faculty coordinator.
  3. Supervisor Evaluation: At the end of the semester, the supervisor is asked to complete an evaluation of the intern’s performances.